Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inspired by watching "The Office"

By Jaydee Robles, Grade Nine

She wrote something on a piece of paper and slipped it coldly into his hand.
He smiled. They were sitting on the last bench, as usual. Nobody saw
She walked away as she always did. But this time she turned and gave
the back of his head a smile, nobody but her knew.

He took the yellowing little note and tore it into bits. Frustrated like a
teenage boy getting back a note of refusal. One stop away from the trash
bin, takes a breath, puts his arm into position and releases, letting out a
tailing breath.

A single stubborn teardrop escaped his clenched eyelid, the solid
gray walls of the cubicle shielded his shame. Nobody saw.

He was walking down the street that evening, not far from home, when a
car surprised him, unfortunately his back was turned. They rushed him to
the nearest hospital, in his last minutes he knew he wouldn't make it.

He hadn't told anyone about his anonymous blog, his weekend guilty
pleasure. His readers thought he just didn't feel like posting anymore.

Poetry by Anonymous

This sensitive poem has been submitted by a student who wishes to write and publish anonymously. Enjoy the rhyme and the reason of this thoughtful verse.

Your heart is still at youth,
Lie to me, I know the truth.
Given a chance to prove what’s right,
And still hiding what’s in plain sight.
Is this win or lose?
You should chose.
You say this hurts you?
This hurts two.
Don’t be dishonest,
Be modest.
Don’t try to hide,
Just abide.
Love is a rule,
Some call it cruel.
Why hold on to what’s not real?
That’s an old deal.
The story changed,
So get engaged.
Take a look around,
Listen to the sound.
Don’t hold onto what’s lost,
Don’t think about the cost.
Your soldiers were deployed,
Its been destroyed.
You have something new,
Available to few.
Are you afraid to let go?
Afraid to say no?
Trying to resist,
Looking at a list.
Reasons to return,
Making your heart churn.
Is it worth it?
You’ve been bit,
The poison spread.
Controlling your head.
No thoughts are your own,
No longer alone.
Avoiding what’s best,
Ignoring the rest.
A puzzle missing pieces,
And the pain never ceases.
Two choices,
Three voices.
You’ve tried one.
And just like the sun,
It never stopped burning.
Now look at what we’re enduring.
Only one thing can make it go away,
Don’t waste another day.
Everyone’s known the truth,
Leave the youth.
All trees start at the roots,
Take off your boots.
Climb up high,
Say goodbye.
Look down,
But don’t frown.
Its better to learn,
Than to burn.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Welcome to the first installment of Haudfaug, a serialized novel of fantastic proportions. The author, a student at SPHS, has chosen a pen name. We hope you enjoy the inaugural chapter of Haudfaug.


by Sharpton

The trapped creature awoke to its small prison being brutally shattered by punches and blunt weapons. As the blows hit the shell, the blows also hit the prisoner. The walls slowly cracked, causing glass like shards to hit the captive.
Finally the jailed was able to break through, jumping out to look towards the hostile beings. Looking around, the infant dragon clearly saw five tall green-skinned humanoids approaching him cautiously with ropes.
The tallest one came at the newborn drake with an axe, chopping seemingly wildly. The bruised dragon dodged as much as it could. Suddenly, the brute landed a hit on the right shoulder.
The dragon winced for a moment. This fatal error gave the orc enough time to make a horizontal strike cutting the dragoon through the base of the wing, severing it.
The wyrmling rolled on its side in pain. Giving the other orcs enough time to tie him to the ground. The dragon laid there, slowly losing blood. He finally fainted.

He awoke later to see a campfire in the middle of the sleeping orcs. He took a closer look at his surroundings to see a large dragon, which seemed to be killed several hours ago, around it layed piles of precious gems and coins.
His inspection of his surroundings ended abruptly, when he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the entrance of the tunnel. Soon, entered a dark-robed man who snuck up to the orcs. He began a short incantation of words the dragon could not understand and fire burst out from around the short man. The sleeping orcs immediately engulfed, laid and let out horrible screams. As the orcs were dying the short man approached the dragon.
"I see you are trapped. I am here to help you." said the small humanoid. The wizard pulled out a knife, and started to cut away at the ropes.
By the time he cut into the last rope, the orcs were dead and crisp. The dragon tried to get up and fell over. The wizard seeing this pulled out a large tarp and shoved the dragon onto it. He then dragged the dragon towards the entrance. As he reached right outside the entrance of the cave and into a corridor, the wizard started to chant again.
"What are...” The dragon let out before he and the wizard were instantaneously in a brick building.
The worn wizard laid back, exhausted from dragging the large infant across the room and the energy used to kill the orcs.
"Who are you?" asked the dragon, wanting to know his savior.
"I am Nyarc the Merciful Wizard; I felt the call of my old companion, asking me to help protect it. I was too late to save your mother, but not too late to save your life." said the short wizard. The wizard summoned a servant kobold to get them food and drink. "How about you."
"I have just been born; I do not have a name. I woke up in my egg to being beaten and had my wings cut off by there brute." replied the dragon sullenly.
“From what I have read about dragons, they name themselves" answered the wizard. The dragon thought upon this question and finally let out an answer.