Thursday, February 11, 2010

Inspired by watching "The Office"

By Jaydee Robles, Grade Nine

She wrote something on a piece of paper and slipped it coldly into his hand.
He smiled. They were sitting on the last bench, as usual. Nobody saw
She walked away as she always did. But this time she turned and gave
the back of his head a smile, nobody but her knew.

He took the yellowing little note and tore it into bits. Frustrated like a
teenage boy getting back a note of refusal. One stop away from the trash
bin, takes a breath, puts his arm into position and releases, letting out a
tailing breath.

A single stubborn teardrop escaped his clenched eyelid, the solid
gray walls of the cubicle shielded his shame. Nobody saw.

He was walking down the street that evening, not far from home, when a
car surprised him, unfortunately his back was turned. They rushed him to
the nearest hospital, in his last minutes he knew he wouldn't make it.

He hadn't told anyone about his anonymous blog, his weekend guilty
pleasure. His readers thought he just didn't feel like posting anymore.

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